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Discover How to Save Time & Money on Shipping

Have you ever stood in line at the post office?

Did you know that if driving to the post office, standing in line, and returning home each day (Monday-Saturday) took a total of 15 minutes… That in one (1) year - you would have wasted over 78 hours!

Let's just say that your time is worth $15 per hour… this "wasted time" would cost you over $1,170.00!

What would you do with an extra $1,170.00 and 78 hours a year?

For the best return on your business investment - you should invest this time and money in a digital postal scale and an online postage printing service.

Whether you are a small retailer or one of the world's largest distributors, today's competitive marketplace requires that you control and/or reduce your expenses - while improving your efficiencies.

That's why it is extremely critical that you know how to manage your shipping expenses.

Here are two of the most important factors in managing your shipping expenses:

  1. Determining the weight of each package
  2. Calculating accurate shipping costs

Let's discover how these two factors will save you time and money...

1) Determining the weight of each package - Invest in a Digital Scale to save time & money

Knowing the exact weight of your package will prevent you from loosing $100's by enabling you to correctly PRICE your postage.

In order to manage your basic shipping expenses, you MUST cover the costs of your postage and packaging materials (i.e. boxes, peanuts, foam, tape, labor, etc.).

In fact, many companies also formulate a small profit into their shipping prices or offer FREE SHIPPING and incorporate their shipping expenses into their product costs.

In order to calculate your EXACT shipping cost of each package - it is critical that you invest in the correct digital shipping-postal scale. To ensure you select the correct digital shipping - postal scale, you need to know...

"What size packages and/or letters will you be shipping in the next 5 years?"

If you are planning to only ship small letters/packages (i.e. less than one (1) pound), then USPS will be your best service for the lowest shipping costs.

Since USPS rounds up to the next "whole ounce", you should invest in a digital scale that reads in ounces and is accurate to a minimum of 0.5oz. (1/2 ounce) to ensure you can accurately calculate your on-line postage stamps.

Currently, USPS FIRST CLASS mail has different rates "per ounce" for packages / letters from 1 - 13oz. If your package/letter weight exceeds 13oz, you will be charged the one (1) pound rate (i.e. Priority Mail) and your rate will also change after every "whole pound" (i.e. 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, etc.)

In fact, every other major shipping service, such as UPS and FedEx, charge by the "whole pound". This means that they will always round-up to the next whole pound when the package weight exceeds that given pound.

Example: If your package weighs 3lb. 2oz., you will be charged the 4lb. rate.

Thus - if you plan on shipping heavier packages (more than one (1) pound), then you should invest in a digital scale that reads in pounds and is accurate to a minimum of 6oz (i.e. 1/2 or 0.5lb). This will ensure you can accurately calculate your shipping costs for heavier packages.

In addition, many heavy duty shipping scales also have a digital scale remote display, which is convenient for weighing larger packages.

As we noted earlier, if you plan to mail mostly small letters/packages (less than one (1) pound), then you should consider investing in an online postage scale that reads in ounces and is accurate to a minimum of 0.5oz. (1/2 ounce).

However - If you plan on shipping BOTH small letters/packages AND large items, then you may want to consider investing in two (2) separate postal or shipping scales that meet your shipping needs.

What about purchasing a digital scale that calculates postage?

Since the Internet provides FAST, EASY and ACCURATE postage calculations, there are very few advantages to purchasing a digital scale that calculates postage.

In addition to the weight of the package, most shippers may add additional costs base the size of the package. Most shippers are also calculating shipping cost via postal codes (i.e shipping location to destination). This information is impossible to input into a stand-alone digital scale.

In fact, if you buy a postage calculating scale and there is a rate change (which happens frequently), you will probably be required to replace a special e-prom chip, download the updates, or send the scale in to be updated. This can be complicated and frustrating.

This is why we highly recommend that you use an on-line shipping service, which we will discuss in the next section below.

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2) Calculating accurate shipping costs - Print postage on the web and save time & money

Using an online shipping service with your digital scale is extremely EASY. You simply enter the basic shipping information (i.e. the package weight, shipping origin, destination, delivery speed, etc.) and they will "automatically" calculate the exact postage cost "saving you money"

These services will also enable you to print a shipping label. Then depending on the service, your packages will be picked-up or you will drop them off "saving you time"

In addition, these shipping services will "automatically" update any price changes - "No installing e-prom chips or sending in your scale to be updated"

Depending on your shipping volume and location, you may wish to investigate using one or more of the online prepaid postage printing services listed below to save even more money!

As you will discover, some services will be less expensive for shipping small packages (i.e. USPS) - other services charge less for larger items (i.e. UPS & FedEx).

Detailed information regarding each service is available on the links listed below. We have also included additional shipping information you will find useful.

Don't wait to start saving HUGE money RIGHT NOW - Invest in a shipping service and a digital scale and start saving time and money - TODAY.

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